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  1. Never betray your principles even if it may seems you are losing because of sticking to them. It will pay out in the long run.

  2. Never invest (time, money, social credit, etc.) in anything that’s not inline with your principles.

  3. Do less but do it better.

  4. Take control of your life or someone else will.

  5. Be grateful for the life you have right now and the life you had in the past.

  6. Watch your diet, mentally (mind) and physically (body), and spiritually (spirit).

  7. Remember things add up. Don’t expect immediate returns. It’s the sum of all things which counts.

  8. Share love as often as you can. Only then expect to be loved in return.

  9. Be vulnerable first.

  10. Revisit your principles every 5 years because opinions change and the world goes round.

Last updated: May 5 2020